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A Sermon in a Harlem Barber Shop

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On, Thursday, 26 December 2013, I posted the following comments on my Facebook page:

I will forever be grateful that my parents did not raise me in a black and white world, but a world full of color and diversity. I am glad that they taught me from an early age that no one person is better than another, but we are all different in our own way, and that is what makes each of us uniquely wonderful and special. I will always be thankful that they taught me to never let cultural differences cause a great chasm, but to use those differences as a reason to bond together and to learn from one another to help build bridges of love, hope, peace, and understanding. I am grateful that they taught me that I should never judge any man by what I see with my physical eyes, but by the content of his character. They taught me that I should try walking a mile in another man’s shoes, and seeing the world through his eyes, and then I might better understand him. I am especially grateful that they taught me that we are all God’s children and that He is no respecter of persons. He loves all of us equally and unconditionally.

It is those life lessons that have molded and shaped me into the man that I am today. And it for these moral standards of living that I will forever stand. Whether people like me, love me, or hate me is strictly their choice, but I am who I am by the love, grace, and mercy of Almighty God and I will never apologize to any man for that.

The videos above were in my email this morning and I felt inspired to share them as they go right along with the comment that I made yesterday regarding how my parents raised me.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I have to agree that racist remarks, racial jokes, racial slurs, racism period, equals ignorance which is something, as I grow older, that I have less and less tolerance for with each passing day. I like what my brother-in-law said in recent conversation: “Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, and foolishness for what it is, and if a person is a foolish spade, well, God help them!”

It doesn’t matter if the comments are made by a White person against a Black person, or a Black person against a White person, or comments are made against any race, racism is wrong, and the person who incessantly makes such remarks displays his level of ignorance, not his level of intelligence. HATE only begets more HATE. We must learn to love, respect, and accept people for who and what they are. As for me and my house, we will hate no more forever, for we know of a surety that it is LOVE that conquers all.

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