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Shane Harper – God’s Not Dead Preview

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Shane Harper - God's Not DeadShane Harper, probably best known for his role as Spencer Walsh in the Disney Channel program Good Luck Charlie, plays the role of Josh Wheaton, a college student studying law in a new movie called God’s Not Dead.  The movie isn’t about the academic challenges that Josh faces as a law student. However, he does get to put into practice the things that he is learning about becoming a lawyer when he assumes the role of defense attorney in a mock trial which takes place in his philosophy class. During the course of the trial, he presents his case that God is not dead – He is surely alive. The prosecuting attorney in the case is his philosophy professor, Mr. Radisson (played by Kevin Sorbo), who professes to be an atheist, and attempts to persuade his students, the jurors in the case, to take his side. If Josh can prove his argument and win the case, he will pass the class, but if not, he will fail the class.

In a recent Huffington Post article Shane commented about what interested him most about the film and what he hopes people get from this film.

I’ve always been interested in apologetics, the topic of different world views and ‘why are we here?’ and ‘where are we going?’ I grew up in the church and sometimes kids who grew up in a church can be sheltered and can’t engage with people with different world views.This is something I personally experienced growing up Christian. I didn’t know how answer questions or arguments people presented to me. I had to do my research and learn more about other beliefs. “Being Christian I was interested in conversations with coworkers and friends and want to start healthier dialog between different people with different views,” Harper mentioned.When people know they are created with a purpose, and not here by accident, it is life-changing. I’m hoping that this movie can be vehicle for people to ultimately understand that.” [1]

The video below is an interview with Rice Broocks, author of the book God’s Not Dead: Evidence For God In An Age Of Uncertainty on the 700 Club.

Some Concluding Thoughts

The movie, God’s Not Dead, will begin playing in theaters 7 March 2014. I am interested in seeing the movie to see how far the arguments go on either side of the question. I think that it will be both informative and educational.

Every individual must gain their own testimony of what they know to be true – not according to the dictates and potentates of a leader, not according to the laws and regulations of an established organization, not according to the educational and/or religious ideologies of an institution, and not according to what is written in a textbook or other library volume – but what THEY KNOW to be TRUE. Each individual must not only have a testimony of said truth, but they must also be able to share that testimony with CONVICTION.

Without conviction, words can become nothing more than casual lip service. Without conviction, men will continue to have their ears tickled and their minds vacillated by any and every wind of doctrine – hoping that maybe some things are true, but having no real certainty of whether any of it is true. Each individual needs to know what they believe and more importantly, WHY THEY BELIEVE IT! Sadly, There are too many people – good hearten people nonetheless – who ride on the coat tails of what others believe, and that simply is not sufficient.

At the end of the day, Christ will not ask “Whom do others say that I am?’ but rather, the question that will be asked of each of us will be, “Who do you say that I am?” It will not matter if others stood for the cause of Christ. What will matter is if we, as individuals, stood for the cause of Christ.

Below is a preview of God’s Not Dead by actor, song writer and singer Shane Harper.

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