Day: Sun, 12 Jan2014

The Measure of True Love

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Everything is beautiful with love

True love knows no limits or boundaries. It is not governed or ruled by the dictates and potentates of men, rather its governance is according to the affairs of the heart. The roadblocks that are seemingly placed in its path to detour it from reaching its full fruition are not viewed as brick walls, but its genius is able to turn those obstacles into stepping-stones.

True love is not as a ship that passes silently in the night trying to reach its destination, for it has already reached its destination and is safely anchored in the harbor. No matter how strong the winds of adversity may blow, or how hard the waves of trials, tribulations, and temptations may crash against its hull, it does not pull up its anchor and immediately rush back to sea seeking refuge from the storm, but it does whatever it takes to make sure that its anchor holds and that the ship’s infrastructure is strong enough to weather the storm.

True love is not something that dissipates with the fleeting moments of time, rather it is a rock of permanence that endures the test of time.

~ Keith Lionel Brown