8ways2: Be happy and single

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As I went through college I heard this saying all the time:  “Before you date you should be happy being alone.” In other words, you shouldn’t rely on another person to make you happy.

But aren’t we wired with that desire to love and be loved?  Aren’t we commanded to cling to our spouse and no one else?

It’s easier said than done, but there are ways to be happy and single. Here are 8 of those ways.

1. Remember your value

You are not of any less value in the sight of God if you are unmarried or not dating.  You are a son or daughter of God who loves you irrespective of your current circumstances.  You have divine heritage and as such you ought to look upon yourself as a king or queen as you rightly are.

2. Be happy

It is a choice to be happy.  Our circumstances vary dramatically…

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