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Mormon Musicians YouTube Channel

The New Mormon Musicians YouTube Channel

Are you looking for music videos with clean, wholesome lyrics that the entire family – from youngest to oldest – can enjoy? Look no further! The Mormon Musicians YouTube channel may be just what you are looking for.

The Mormon Musicians YouTube channel has ready-made playlists of Mormon artists so you can find the music that you are looking for by a favorite artist in one place. The playlists do not contain every music video by a particular artist, but a visitor does get a good sample of the artist’s music and can subscribe to their channel for more.

Also featured on the channel is a “Mormon Music’s Video Find of the Week” section where we showcase our favorite videos from the past 12 weeks. You can learn more about the musicians behind the videos by visiting the Mormon Music website.

Other features include “This Week’s Featured Artist” where the music videos of a different LDS artist will be highlighted each Friday. Mormon Musicians has also included a section for Peter Hollens‘ videos. If you are an a capella fan, you will love the music that Peter produces. He does a lot of collaboration work with LDS artists and is an avid supporter of LDS Church initiatives.

In the “Recently Discovered Mormon Artists” section we feature music videos of artists who are just getting started or those that we have just learned about. If you know of any LDS artists, or artists that you would recommend, that are not included on the Mormon Musicians YouTube channel, please contact the channel manager at so that they can be added.

The channel also features a special section called “Other Artists Recommended by Mormon Musicians” which is dedicated to artists and musicians who are not Mormon, but whose music we recommend.

So, as you can see, there is music that everyone can enjoy. Please have a look, like and comment on videos, and subscribe to our channel today! Go to Mormon Musicians YouTube Channel. Please tell your friends and family about the Mormon Musicians YouTube channel as well. Enjoy!