Gay Mormons

Gay Mormon Sitting Next to Wall

Mormons who struggle with same-sex attraction have to make some choices.  In order to continue in full fellowship in the Church, they must remain celibate, or find a friend of the opposite sex to marry.  Many have done this and are making it work.

Some Mormons who experience same-sex attraction, however, are not able to reconcile their attraction with the commandments of God.  As a result, they decide to leave the Church and pursue a homosexual lifestyle.  Their decision causes hurt to their concerned family members who sincerely believe in the gospel and want their loved ones to enjoy all the blessings of the restored gospel in their lives.  In such situations, love, forgiveness, and compassion remain the watchwords of the day.

Additional Resources:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Resources:

★★ Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction

North Star International Resources:

★★ North Star International
★★ North Star International – YouTube Channel
★★ Voices of Hope
★★ Northern Lights Blog
★★ Journeys of Faith Project
★★ Resources for Gender Identity
★★ North Star Gender Identity Online Community

Other Notable Resources:

I’ll Walk With You
LDS Resources for LGBT Mormons, Families & Friends
Family Acceptance Project

MOHO Directory – Gay Mormon Blogs

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