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Missionary Work . . . . I Will Go and Do. . . .

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Mormon Missions Teaching Gospel

Missionary work is exactly that – WORK. We cannot expect to help build up the Kingdom by sitting comfortably in our easy chairs of complacency and merrily gliding along on the air of things as they are. In order to help our brothers and sisters in need over there, it requires that we get up and move from here and GO there.

When the Lord commissioned His disciples to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel, it was not a polite request – if you feel like it today, if you can find time in your “busy” schedule, if it does not interfere with your “me” time, as long as you don’t have to travel any great distance to do so, or if you think it is really worth the effort to share the message of the Gospel with certain persons. NO! He was giving them a command to GO and PROCLAIM the Gospel in the hedges and the highways, on the mountain tops and in the lowest valleys, to the extremely rich and to the poor and desolate, to those who want to hear the Good News and especially to those who do not want to hear it. It does not matter – we are to GO and DO.

The only way that missionary work will ever get done is by the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ getting busy and DOING the work. The fields are white already to harvest and there is a great work not yet finished, and that work will never be declared finished until the Great Jehovah Himself shall say, “The Work Is FINISHED!”

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Where is my destination?

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Rail travellers queue-

You cannot stand in the ticket line at the train station forever trying to decide where your destination will be and which train to take to get there. Sooner or later you have to make a decision and get aboard one train or another. As the old adage says, “Time and tide wait for no man”, and so if you are not careful, you will find yourself standing at the station long after the train that you needed has departed, leaving you to wonder yet again, “Where do I go from here?” ~ Keith Lionel Brown

For far too long some of us have listened intently to the voices of all the naysayers and ne’er-do-wells of the world who have not only tried, but in many cases have succeeded, in thoroughly convincing us that we are just a bunch of worthless nobodies, going nowhere. They have convinced some of us that what might have once been is the way that things will always be. And so, feeling all alone, rejected, depressed, and defeated some of us have chosen to live a life of seclusion and to slowly drown in a sea of deafening silence.

The hour has now come when we must arise from the ashes of life, lift up our heads, and raise our voices to let the bearers of negativism know that they are nothing more than perpetual liars. Now is the hour to serve them notice that although they may think or believe that they represent the majority voice, they are indeed the minority whisper. Now is the hour to let them know that what might have once been, no longer has to be, nor will it be.

We need to pull ourselves up by the proverbial bootstraps and with clarion voices lift the rafters as we proclaim in jubilation, “Henceforth and no further!” Now is the time to rise up and send a very distinct, simple, and clear message to those who would otherwise try to keep us down and kick us around that we are not just a bunch of nobodies, going nowhere – we are children of Almighty God, and hence, we are somebody going somewhere.

We are not in this world to live in servitude to any man, or to bow down to any man as if he were our king. It is time, and indeed the hour has come, when we need to lift our voices together, like the three Hebrew children who were thrown into the fiery furnace, and unashamed and unequivocally declare that we have but one True Master – one True Lord – one True King – and it is He and He alone whom we will bow down to and worship and none other. It is He who has already determined our destination.